IMS Draft 2


One thought on “IMS Draft 2

  1. swagar says:

    Hi Lulu, I agree with a lot of the praise and suggestions from your classmates. Overall, you’re doing a lot of things that work really well — juxtaposing still images, video, text, music and voiceover. Keeping the audio from the clips running while you cut in text or images is a really professional-looking move as well. The most pressing issue is that your footage looks like it’s all from a single event, and presumably from a single source. This would push up against fair-use principles by relying too much on a single source (see the “Limitations” section of Best Practice Two on the “Best Practices” page we read for class) if the material is copyrighted; if it’s Creative Commons material, viewers still might perceive that you’re leaning a little heavily on someone else’s work without a lot of remixing or transformation. Better would be a series of clips from clearly different sources.


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