April 25

At this point in my project, I am not using things that have been copyrighted. If I were to use them, I think I would use pictures or stories about prisoners to educate my audience. According to the Best Practices article, I may use “Using copyrighted material for illustration or example.”

In Ridolfo and Rife’s article, the most interesting thing is that we must think about the possibilities of alternative uses that basically anything we do could hold. Even if we may have a very specific idea of the purpose of anything we are doing, pictures/videos/media could be taken and used in a totally different manner. However, it is sometimes difficult to think of all the possibilities of reuse that someone could do. The possibilities are endless.

For the first best practice I mentioned, I could use this in my video project by using photos or videos of real people who have gone through solitary confinement, retrieved from Creative Commons, to tell their stories and histories. This can also help educate the audience about mental atrocities that can happen because of this system. It will help me make a point/an argument about how solitary confinement can lead to self-harm and suicide.

I imagine someone could reuse part of my video to further support ending solitary confinement, ending the death penalty, and/or changing the justice system in general. Someone could also use pieces of my project to say that ending solitary confinement will never happen and that people deserve to suffer in solitary because they committed crimes and need to be punished.

Yes, I would be willing to license my video under Creative Commons so people can reuse my work because I think more people need to learn about this issue and do something about it.


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