Video Project Proposal

  1. I would like to open my video with a story about a victim of solitary confinement. I will show a picture of them along with some voiceovers. I would like this to be a real life person – not something I just make up. I would like to show video, images, and text throughout, such as jail keys, footsteps, statistics, and prisoner stories.
  2. Since this project started, I have been doing research on solitary confinement and the effects it has on mental health. For my audio project, I was really able to use statistics and facts about these effects in an educational format. I think I can use some of the same material in my video project, especially the statistics. I am hoping to emphasize them with text instead of just saying them aloud.
  3. The only time I have created a video like this was my junior year in high school, so I am a little worried about using software and how good the quality of my project will be. I use iMovie for a marketing project in high school, and that is the same software I will be using for this project. So hopefully I remember some skills from way back when.

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