Sonic Strategies

MUSIC: I am including music throughout my audio piece. Starting from the beginning, I have piano playing. The first few seconds, the piano repeats itself. After this, a new piece of piano begins to play and continues throughout the entire piece. I chose piano because it can create a somber tone, which compliments the theme of my project: solitary confinement.

SILENCE: I tried to incorporate silence into my piece by pausing after each sentence of group of sentences I read. I was hoping for this to create an ambiance.

SOUND EFFECTS: I used sound effects of a cell door closing at both the beginning and the end of my piece. At the beginning, I used this sound to draw the attention of the audience. At the end, I used this to close out the piece. It also flowed with my last sentence (close the door on solitary confinement).

SOUND INTERACTION: In my piece I include music, sound effects, and voice. These sounds interact with one another because I use layering. At the beginning, I use piano and the sound of a cell door closing. Then piano plays as my voice talks about solitary confinement. I had to duck the music a bit so my voice could be heard. Layering allows for the interaction between sounds to be more professional-sounding if done correctly.

VOICE: My voice is the main part of the piece. I define solitary confinement, say a couple facts about it, mention some statistics, and tell the audience how they can take action to end it. I think the pace of my voice is good and the info is easy to follow. I try to use inflection in my voice to emphasize certain things as well.


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