Audio Project Rough Draft

The purpose of my piece is to raise awareness about the detrimental mental, community, and personal effects solitary confinement has on our society. I would like this piece to be played to those who may not know much about solitary confinement. I think it would be a great piece as a long PSA on NPR. Therefore, when people are listening throughout the day, they may come across this and take action. I made sure to include an action step at the end so people will know where to go next. A challenge I have been facing with my audio project is the microphone and sound quality. I have tried using Apple headphones, the microphone on my laptop, and a rentable microphone from King library. So far the most amount of volume has been coming from my Apple headphones, but the quality isn’t very good. I may need to go to the sim lab in the library before the weekend to see if there is anything I can do to improve the sound quality. I am also a bit worried about the factual information I have been using in my project, which deal with copyright/fair-use issues. I have used information from websites which have facts about solitary confinement and I’m not sure if/how I should cite or give credit where credit is due.


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