Audio Essay Script

  • Solitary confinement – also known as the SHU, the hole, special needs unit, permanent lockdown, or time out for criminals
  • Since prisons were established, this form of punishment has been implemented but little did we know the shocking effects it would have on the lives of prisoners – the innocent and the guilty.
  • In 1890, solitary confinement was abolished for the detrimental effects it had on mental health when research showed that prisoners in solitary were becoming insane, violent, and even suicidal.
  • ___ , an expert in psychology says “the chemicals in the brain are altered when in a space this tiny.”
  • Take the next step towards ending solitary confinement today by contacting your local representative or going to YOU can make a change in not only the lives of prisoners but also the lives of your community. Let’s close the door on solitary confinement.
  • MUSIC (ducking)

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