Write-Up #3

During spring break, I went to a recording studio in Memphis to watch a hip hop artist/social activist and new friend of mine, Marco Pavé, record some music and prepare for an amazing event – Memphis’ first Hip Hop Opera. One of his producers was at the studio, Kenny Wayne. Not only is Kenny a producer but he is also a visual/media artist and cello player along with other things I am sure. I was able to ask him some questions that relate to our audio project coming up. I asked him what software he uses to create and produce music, and he told me about this website called “Sample Phonics”. It is a free website where you can download sound clips, similar to ones that have been shown in class. He also does visual/media art that pretty much enveloped the term “interactive media studies” because he creates art using moving images that tell stories (sort of like gifs) but he also includes music he makes in the background to go along with these stories.


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