Audio Project Proposal

For my project I want to include voices, sound effects, and music. I want some part of the piece to include prison doors closing. I think it should be a more educational piece, so someone could read aloud facts/stats about solitary confinement and the mental effects it has on prisoners. I would like an action step to be included towards the end, such as “take the next step towards ending solitary confinement today at”

I could also mention Kalief Browder’s story and how it led to President Obama ending solitary confinement for minors. I think that is important.

So I want to open with some music probably then the prison door sound then a couple facts about solitary confinement and mental health then previous stories about Kalief and how it led to abolition of solitary confinement for minors then end with an action step. I think having music in the background will help get the message across. Like some eerie music but I’m also not sure how copyright works for audio. Where can I find audio for jail cells or background music that won’t lead me to be convicted of copyright infringement?

This could be a PSA on NPR. I would use several different voices but one main voice for the facts and stories. At the end each person could say “end solitary confinement” then I could combine them (repetition).

I will need to research effects of solitary confinement on the brain. Being in solitary confinement can be a traumatic event so I can research effects of trauma on the brain. This has to do with the podcast I found:

This piece is a part of a podcast. This episode talks about trauma and how it forms the mind. The episode starts with who the podcast is funded by, which is something I may end up using in my piece probably to take more time. The podcast also includes music as breaks between sections of conversations. I like this, so I may include it in my piece.

Psychological research I may include: “People become living testimonies for things that no longer exist.” Memories help us make stories that make sense of the world; they make be distorted. But trauma does not make sense and is repeated and not allowed to be made into a story. Broca’s area shuts down (part of brain that helps you talk) when trauma occurs/when people get upset. They cannot talk or verbalize their experience.


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