Rhetorical Terms

I think some terms we should go over in class are exigence, enthymematic rhetoric, and rhetorical velocity. We have not gone over this stuff in class, so that is probably why I do not know them. Also, exigence is part of our reflection for our visual textual project, so I think it is important to go over that term before we turn our projects in over the weekend.

I like doing activities in groups, so I would like to keep doing that and maybe having them more often. Because the class is very long, I feel like having some more engaging activities to do would enhance the class. I like doing mindfulness activities at the beginning of class as well. I would also like to learn more about graphic design. For example, instead of reading an article about placement and contrast (etc), we could do an interactive activity in class. You could show an example of a bad flyer or something and ask us what kind of edits we would make to make the flyer better. I think this would help the class be more engaged and we will have a better understanding of what audiences may like or dislike in terms of graphic design.


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