Write-Ups #1 & #2: Feedback from Visual-Textual Rough Draft

Here is some feedback that I received from my visual-textual project rough draft:

end-1-text easy to read

-think about font choice for “solitary confinement”

-don’t italicize “solitary confinement”

-don’t go for flowery typefaces

-lighten the area around hand and darken area around it if I can (I’m not sure I have the software or skills to do this.)

-looks like an older photo

-antique look: could undercut purpose

-esc key: looks like prisoners are trying to escape

-esc looks like periodic table element

-take out text on esc logo because it’s small and people won’t even be able to read it

-“f” in confinement: constitution-like. edit typeface

Overall, I plan to edit the typefaces of both “end” and “solitary confinement” – possibly take out the italics in the latter. I will also see if I can find a typeface that is less flowery for “end”. I will take out the words in the esc logo. I will also think about color choices for the typefaces I have chosen instead of using all black.


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