Visual-Textual Rough Draft



My focal topic is ending solitary confinement. I chose this image because out of all the images I looked at, it was the most capturing. I originally wanted an image of an actual solitary confinement room so viewers could see the small space but I could not find the photo I wanted. This turned out okay though.

The purpose of my project is to shed light on the issue of solitary confinement and the mental constraints it puts on prisoners. The image I used for this project was taken from Creative Commons to make sure that it was an image okay to use for the project. I did not want to use a copyrighted image for fair use reasons and for the guidelines of this project.

I edited the gradient/transparency of the photo to make the wording pop more. I also included a fake organization at the bottom. I’m also thinking of adding some statistics on there to give people an idea of the mental issues caused by solitary confinement. It may lead people to take action. I would also like the project to be online on social media, to be hanging around peace and justice centers, to be hanging around court buildings, and to be printed on clothing for people to make statements by using fashion. I would like it to reach an audience that is not constantly thinking about the subject, so it can be fresh on someone’s mind, and maybe they will take action.

2. When I look in magazines, such as Seventeen and Vanity Fair, I look at the ads because they are on more than every other page. The ads are what gets the magazine money – along with people’s subscriptions. In these ads, I see things that are very inhuman, such as perfect hair, nails, and makeup. There’s no way people look that good in real life. I really seem to notice in makeup add, especially mascara adds, because each eyelash is perfect. Really? No one’s eyes look like that…

To make sure I use and manipulate images in my visual-textual project ethically, I will not edit my image drastically. I do not really think there is much to edit besides the gradient/transparency. I will not be smudging anything or manipulated the prisoner’s face in any way. I also will not be editing the features in the images, such as the windows, prison bars, mirror, or hallway. I think the look it gives off is rustic and somber, which is what I was going for. Therefore, I do not think it needs to be manipulated. I also don’t like editing things to where I can tell they have been edited extremely. I like things to be natural but still good-looking, so that is what I am trying to do for this project.


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