Feedback I Gave 2/21


I really like the image you chose! The emotion in the woman’s face allows viewers to empathize with her. I like the typeface and placement of the statistical statement, but to make it pop even more, you could make the $32 billion bold. I like how you already made the $32 billion bigger that its surrounding words as well. Also, the wording on the woman’s face is a bit hard to read when looking towards the end of the words, for example, the g in “trafficking”. Maybe you could change the gradient/transparency of the image to make the words stand out more. I also like how you added a fake organization at the top. Maybe you could make it a little smaller because your focus is trying to be on “stop human trafficking” rather than the organization. You could also add an action statement like “go here to make an impact.”


The way you retrieved your image is really cool yet sad (sad that your friend went to a tanning bed). I like the way you placed the words, but I think they need a little more contrasting, for example, a mix of bold words and regular words. The words you really want to pop can be typed in bold. Also, I noticed you said you wanted the word “snapchat” to fade, but it didn’t look like it was fading on the flyer. I think it would look cool with the fading. Remember to capitalize “Snapchat” as well because that’s how the real company does it. Also, to make a lasting impact, you could add a fake organization/action statement as a place where people can go to take action on this cause.


I think your project sounds like a great idea. I would love to see the final product! I like how you said you are going to use two images. Maybe they could be used to contrast each other, for example, this is what a nuclear family looks like and this is what a non-nuclear family looks like. That would be a cool comparison. You could also include an action statement somewhere on the visual-textual project that will allow viewers to take action on the issue and maybe allow them to rethink what they think a family should look like.


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