Miami Dog Lovers’ Club

Part 1: a) According to the readings, the clearest thing to understand about copyright is that the moment you create something, it has copyright. Additionally, it is clear to me that commentary and criticism of pieces are okay, such as quoting song lyrics, using copyrighted materials in an educational presentation, and using copyrighted information as evidence in court. The most important thing to realize is that credit must be given where credit is due in terms of copyright and plagiarism. The fuzziest thing to me is how to give the creator attribution when you use their work from a site like Creative Commons.

b) For my visual-textual project, I am using an image from Creative Commons that can be manipulated, instead of using an image from Google images. By using Creative Commons, I can be sure that my piece is not a form of copyright infringement. To make sure I do not violate copyright laws, I have to make sure that the photo I use from Creative Commons is one that can be manipulated. On their site, these images are labelled as “Labeled for reuse with modification.” Although this project will be used for educational purposes, knowing about copyright laws and applying them are important principles to learn.

Part 2:Miami Dog Lovers’ Club (1).jpg


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