Responding to Zero Drafts; Intro to Rhetorical Analysis

I have officially decided to choose ending solitary confinement for my focal topic. I think I still need to work on determining who exactly my audience is, locations I’d like to place my projects, and the purpose of my projects. I also need to do more research on who is on my team of wanting to end solitary confinement (along with other things in the prison system). Even when I googled “ending solitary confinement,” I found lots of results, including statistics and advocacy.  If you do not succeed how will you ever reach your dreams? You see, in solitary confinement, the only thing you got is dreams. So the advocacy and the words are what the people need to hear. If we do not speak, how will they know we care? As of now, my audience is pretty broad. I hope the visual-textual assignment will reach radical/progressive college students. It could be printed and posted around campuses, near courthouses, in peace and justice centers across the nation, and on social media or organization’s website, such as ACLU and the Catholic Mobilizing Network. It could also be sent out to their subscribers in an email to reach an audience that I know cares about the subject.


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