Zero Draft


Visuals, wording, and placement are all crucial in creating a piece that will draw someone’s attention and impact change. In the article we read today, questions arise having to do with visual imagery, typeface, word choice, design elements, emotional content, statistical images, and argument presentation. Depending of the font and size I choose for my visual-textual assignment, the more or less of an impact the project will have. I hope to appeal to people’s emotions by choosing a striking image where the feelings of prisoners can be seen on their faces. Additionally, if I cannot find a photo with facial emotion, I hope I can find an image that displays the layout of a solitary confinement room so the audience can see the space prisoners “live” in. I put “live” in quotations because I am skeptical to saying prisoners are living in solitary confinement or merely surviving.

The article also mentions the importance of the presence or lack of color in images to form an argument. I think using dark, somber colors, such as black, blue, and gray will convey the message I want to get across: ending solitary confinement in prisons. Also, as a contrast to the dark photo, I can use bold white writing to make the action step stand out.

To reinforce the credibility of my argument, I can make a fake organization and logo to build its authority. As the article states, “An emblem or logo can convey a wealth of cultural and historical implications.”


2 thoughts on “Zero Draft

  1. sasha246 says:

    Lulu, it’s definitely obvious what your message it! I like how even though people in jail are supposed to be “punished” and serving time for various crimes they commit, but subjecting them to psychological and emotional strain is inhumane. I think the image of a lone prisoner behind bars is powerful, and a giant END next to smaller text is a statement. Can’t wait to see how it turns out and keep spreading the word!


  2. Holden says:

    It is very apparent what the message is. I think the only suggestion I have is make it have a strong emotional connection. Make the prisoner appear very distraught, disoriented, and belittled.


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