Writing/Composition 3


This Apple ad for the iPhone 7 is mesmerizing to me. Not only does it contain striking images, but it also has titles, descriptions, captions, and symbols all used to help the flow of the marketing of the advertisement. The way the advertisement is set up starts with the title “iPhone 7” along with a large image of a moving iPhone 7. Underneath there is a caption along with following images of iPhone 7s and wording to go along with these images. Some images feature different characteristics of the new iPhone, such its waterproof quality and camera, while others have symbols that add to the quality of the advertisement.

By scrolling through the page, one can see that it contains all components of the CRAP/PARC design principles, such as repetition, contrast, alignment, and proximity. Usually the ad will have a striking title followed by an image and a caption or symbols that go with the previous image. The way the title “iPhone 7” is repeated in the same format in several of the photos is the representation of repetition. Also, Apple uses white type on a black background for contrast, which makes the writing pop. Additionally, when there is a description describing the new features of the iPhone 7, the writing and title “iPhone 7” have different proximities making it more appealing to the eye. Lastly, the alignment of the photos used with the wording creates a visual connection between the words and the visual so the viewer knows which image is associated with which words. Overall, the way Apple advertised for this product – and many of their other products – surely is eye-catching.


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