Writing/Composition 2: Rhetoric

The most interesting thing in booth’s piece is that rhetoric does not only include words but it also has to do with body language and gestures. When I think of rhetoric, I think of writing and persuasion, so it is opens my mind to see the many definitions of the word “rhetoric” especially from centuries ago. I also thought that it was interesting how editors would take out the word “rhetoric” in writers’ pieces solely for sales, thinking that the word would be a turnoff to its viewers.

Reality 1: Permanent, Unchangeable, Non-Contingent Truth – “Rhetoric…discovers innumerable unconditional truths.”An example of this would be the movement of the tides. We know through countless amount of research that the movement of the tides is caused by lunar sources.

Reality 2: An example of this would be the effects of a tsunami. We may know that the tsunami is going to occur; however, we do not know what or how it may affect certain things in our environment, such as a house being completely destroyed versus only getting water damage. As Booth stated, “the full actualities of Nature being studied do not change simply because scientific rhetoric changes.”

Reality 3: “Our lives are often overwhelmed by such rhetorical changes of reality.” For example, Donald Trump’s rhetoric created a ban on refugees entering the United States of America could be explained by Reality 3.

“When LR is pushed to its fullest possibilities, opponents in any controversy listen to each other not only to persuade better but also to find common ground between the conflict.” An example of listening-rhetoric (LR) that I have used is to listen to other people’s views on their religious beliefs. I may not agree with everything they say, but I am opening and willing to have a conversation about it with an accepting mind. Although we may disagree, going into a conversation with a LR perspective can help both sides learn and gain something from their disagreements. I am still a bit confused as to what “rhetrickery” is.


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