First blog post

Writing/Composition 1

  1. According to ancient rhetoric teachers in Crowley and Hawhee’s article, people were made to disagree because we all have different perceptions of the world around us. When looking at the Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia posters from last week’s Women’s March in my ENG/IMS class, we see that these ancient rhetoric teachers were correct. Although everyone in class looked at the same exact posters, we all saw different things and could convey our beliefs using different language. Each person in the room most likely had different words floating through their heads about what they saw in these Women’s March posters, which I think is fascinating especially from a linguistics standpoint. Because Carrie Fisher recently passed away and the fact that this year’s presidential election has caused much resistance, the kairos of the posters at the Women’s March was perfect. Additionally, only one person spoke in class about the Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia posters. According to Crowley and Hawhee’s piece, when people who are conversing have differing opinions, people tend to be scared to voice their differing opinion. This may have occurred in class the other day, as we could see people were not speaking up.
  2. I really connected with Balaji’s article. These days most of what I see on my social media accounts are people who have similar social beliefs as me posting about things I agree with and not so much people I disagree with posting things I disagree with. It has allowed me to grow a stronger connection with those I feel similar too, but I feel like life is also about disagreeing with people in a genuine manner. That is how we can learn about things too. I have struggled with this, and I like how Adler lays out how I can combat this. Now I have five tools I can use to be a better person in today’s society.
  3. Three ideas I have for my focal topic are ending solitary confinement, mixed race studies, and police brutality towards people of color in the United States. I am leaning mostly towards solitary confinement because of the persuasive visuals and sounds I can use, the research that has already been done, and the psychological aspect of someone in solitary confinement – I’m a psychology major. Yippee! I also like the idea of exploring mixed race studies because I myself am a mixed race individual. I would like to teach others about inclusive language use when talking to others who may be different from yourself. Lastly, I chose police brutality towards people of color because although it has been occurring for decades, the media has brought it more to light. With this project, I could add to their brightness and teach more people about it.

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